Evil Toothpaste for Dinner

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Let me begin at the beginning. It started with the RSS feeds. Drew cried like a little baby about people syndicating RSS feeds for his comics on LiveJournal, because he didn't like the comments people left on them. Eventually he removed the RSS feeds to prevent it from happening altogether. So I created my own feeds and released them to the public.
It annoyed him so much he actually drew a comic about me, shewn below.

Then I made a font of his handwriting and used it to create a Toothpaste for Dinner comic generator.

And now: to fill his website traffic logs with hits from a spoof of his comics.
not a perfect circle, not a static lullaby, not acting, not afi, not alkaline trio, not angels, not ani difranco, not anime, not anne rice, not art, not astrology, not astronomy, not basketball, not bisexuality, not blink 182, not bob marley, not bright eyes, not california, not candles, not cats, not clothes, not clubbing, not clubs, not coffee, not coldplay, not creativity, not cuddling, not dancing, not dashboard confessional, not disney, not dogs, not dragons, not drinking, not evanescence, not faeries, not fall out boy, not fanfiction, not fantasy, not fashion, not feminism, not final fantasy, not flirting, not football, not friends, not gilmore girls, not green day, not guitars, not guys, not hiking, not hockey, not hoobastank, not horror movies, not horses, not jimmy eat world, not kittens, not laughing, not learning, not linkin park, not lip gloss, not livejournal, not lotr, not magic, not martial arts, not modest mouse, not movies, not mtv, not my chemical romance, not nature, not new york city, not orlando bloom, not partying, not peace, not philosophy, not photography, not pirates of the caribbean, not politics, not ps2, not psychology, not puppies, not rain, not rainbows, not rap, not reading, not religion, not road trips, not romance, not roses, not shakespeare, not shoes, not shopping, not shows, not simple plan, not simpsons, not singing, not skateboarding, not slash, not sushi, not swords, not tanning, not tattoos, not tea, not techno, not the shins, not theater, not tori amos, not trees, not tv, not u2, not vampires, not vintage, not vodka, not volleyball, not walking, not web design, not weezer, not wicca, not women, not working out, not writing, not yaoi, not yoga, not you, not buffy the vampire slayer, not death cab for cutie, not rocky horror picture show, not sex and the city, не интернет, не компьютеры, не кошки, не любовь